2016 Manchester PA of the Year - Amanda Mosscrop FRP Advisory

Although my married name is “Mosscrop” - most of you will know me as Amanda Snowball, I decided to keep Snowball as my professional name, partially because I was asked to by FRP, and also because people do love it.  Here is a little more about me.


I have one younger sister, Mary, who has been a hairdresser all her career, I didn’t realise how much good hairdressers cost till I moved away, oh how I miss free cut and blows.  My dad is 68 and still works part time, and is due to retire next year, he is an electrician by trade and worked down the pit for the majority of his life.  My mum is 67 and took redundancy from the Civil Service in her early 40’s.   I have a twin son and daughter; Daniel and Rachel who are 23 in December.  They have both graduated from Northumbria University, in Accounting and Early Primary Education respectively, and are now living in Doncaster. My husband David and I were married in May this year, he was mail order i.e. we met online 7 years ago, and he has a daughter Emily (13) and a son Harrison (9). 


Before working for FRP I lived in Doncaster and was Secretary to a Director of Children Services within the NHS. David and I moved to the North West following David’s job, which at the time was based in Worsley.  We moved to Macclesfield 2013 and I started looking for a job, and a house to buy. Within the space of a month I had secured my current position with FRP and found our cottage in Bollington, I was certainly on a mission.


I have been PA/Office Co-ordinator to 6 partners and 12 members of staff since June 2013.  FRP Advisory LLP is a business advisory firm who provide forensic, corporate finance, debt, restructuring and pension services for companies and their stakeholders.  FRP is currently growing and opening new offices. Consequently I have taken on additional responsibilities including training, supporting and mentoring new PAs in our offices in Leeds and Preston.


Outside of work, I’m a member of the local gym, and try and attend at least 3 times a week.  Call it damage limitation to offset all the gorgeous food and drink consumed at the many networking events. I get very much involved in the local community and  am passionate about supporting local businesses, and promote the local markets and business owners as much as I can, for example on social media.  Our wedding reception was held at a local restaurant (Briscola – in the middle of Bollington – well worth a visit if you are in the area), we sourced the cake, the flowers, the Singing Waiter (a fantastic find) and my Victorian head piece locally from Macclesfield and Bollington.


You can see examples of these on Twitter: @AmandaSnowball,  or search Amanda Mosscrop on Facebook.

If you would like to connect to me on LinkedIn, search  Amanda Snowball and my work email is: Amanda.Snowball@frpadvisory.com


It goes without saying that Mel, Amanda, Holly, do an awesome role in promoting the role of the Manchester PA.  The MPAN has increased its membership year on year, and the annual awards are getting bigger and bigger, I wonder what will 2017 hold? Exciting times for sure.


Little did I know 2 years ago when I first attended a MPAN event that I would be writing to you all as your Manchester PA of the Year 2016. 


If I can achieve half of what Debbie has in her reign as the 2015 winner I will be truly amazed.  I want to give a huge shout out to Amanda Reid for introducing me to the Network,  she, along with the Class of 2015 and the rest of the Bridgets (you know who you are) are my go to PA pals for any advice, suggestions, expertise,  lunch dates, prosecco, fun and laughter.  You are all truly amazing.  I am very proud to know each and every one of you, and as (one of) the Queen of the gifs, if I could insert one here I would, so this will have to do…..x


Here is what winning means to Amanda;


It has been a few weeks since the Manchester PA awards and I am still reeling from the whole experience.  I returned from my honeymoon a couple of weeks ago to an inbox of congratulatory messages and a desk topped with gifts. 


So what did winning the award mean to me?  Well, for the 2nd consecutive year the 6 partners who I support attended the awards. I felt even more pressure this time, not only for being shortlisted for a second year, but this time around in 2 categories.  This in itself made me quite anxious, and on the night I was feeling both excited and also, I admit, a little nauseous!  The expectations of me winning an award felt even  higher this second time around, and I was feeling the pressure,  as were my colleagues. The partners put on a brave face as both the categories I was shortlisted in were awarded to worthy winners:  Tracy Williams and Debbie Grimshaw.


At this point I was thinking, maybe next year?  Third time lucky? 


It is a standing joke that I never win anything, despite the number of raffle tickets I purchase, so I had not for a moment considered winning the Manchester PA of the Year award. When the award was announced I was second guessing who it was going to be.  So when Gill started talking about this “PA”  who regularly attends events and her sense of humour makes her a delight to be around and work with, I was quite comfortable in the knowledge that one of my fantastic PA pals had got it,,, until that is the immortal words “and she plays a mean air guitar” were mentioned.  It was such a surreal moment, my emotions flipped from disappointed to elation. I felt so overwhelmed, after all, there was so much experience and high calibre of talent in the room that night.


It was a very proud moment to have received the award in front of the partners and colleagues, the business is also proud of having an award winning PA work for them.  It’s such an accolade to be recognised for all the hard work I put in, and also a thank you to the company for them supporting me in my role.   I felt humble that I had been recognised by MPAN,  for which without them, I would not be here now writing this.