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First of all a very warm welcome to the new member page area of the Manchester PA Network.


We understand it can be a daunting experience attending your first networking event so in 2017 Jane Brazzill, Tracey Williams, Amanda Snowball, Debbie Grimshaw and Emma Glyn-Jones arranged and hosted the first 'new members event' due to the huge success and demand for the event, we decided that it would be a great idea to continue these events alongside the main Manchester PA Network events, and we've never looked back.


The Commitee work with the Board to ensure the best events are set up for our new members or 'newbies' as they have lovingly being referred to.


So you've completed the first step of networking by visiting our website and we hope the information below helps you take the next step.


1.  So first of all how do you sign up to be a member?


Send us an email to with your name, job title, company name and email address and we will add you to our database.  Once you are added you will receive newsletters and invites to our events.  We do from time to time send out exciting job opportunities and special offers but we promise we will never bombard you or give you details to any third parties - your details are safe with us.


2.  What are the new member events and how do I hear more about them?


New Members Events take place in Central Manchester and are a little smaller than our usual events.  An email will go out to our database inviting existing members to attend with one or two 'new members', the exisiting member will then sign you up and make a donation to the Christie for you to attend - yes it really is that simple.


The new members events are run like the Manchester PA Network and are not for profit but they do support the fundraising of the network and all funds raised go towards the 2020 goal of raising £200,000


3.  What are the benefits of joining the Manchester PA Network?


The benefits of becomming a member are endless and once you've been to your first event all will become clear.  We pride ourselves on hosting great networking events across the City Centre mainly at new venues where you will be treated to a showcase of what that venue can offer you as a PA/EA.  The venues across Manchester see you as their target audience after all it's you who is going to book your boss into that venue so their aim is to wow you.


You can meet like minded people and share experiences, you can make new friends and develop friendships, you might meet someone you've spoken to numerous times but never met, you might find a new career opportunity, be a part of a very special community - the possibilities are endless.


4.  So how does it work?


We are a not for profit organisation who rely on the generousity of City Centre venues to offer showcases to our members.  We do charge a small ticket fee which goes direct to our chosen charity - The Christie.  We hold raffles throughout the year where again funds go to the Christie.  Once you receive your invite via our Eventbrite link be sure to snap it up as they sell out very fast.  Then all you need to do is attend your first event and the rest will be history.


5.  I've never been to a networking event - what can I expect?


A very warm Manchester PA Network welcome awaits you, we have lots of people who attend events alone and should you not be as confident then please email us and we would be happy to 'buddy' you up with one of our ambassadors.  It's always good to get onto twitter and join in the excitement and the buzz around our events. Our PA of the Year 2015 said 'I almost ran out of the room at my first event until Jane and Tracey came straight over to me and gave the biggest welcome I could ever have hoped for, and I am so glad I stayed'.


6.  How many events do you hold a year and what is the cost?


We can hold up to 6 per year including the Manchester PA Awards and prices range from £5-£20 depending on the venue, event and what is available.  The PA Awards is priced slightly different and this information will be located on our Awards page once finalised.  To see which events are coming up in our calendar please visit our forthcoming events pages.




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