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Marc Taylor-Allan


"I felt honoured to be attending this prestigious event as a shortlister. Now in its third year, the awards are a major highlight of a PA's calendar. As a PA who was relatively new to these awards, I felt the proverbial Oliver Twist at this highly esteemed industry gathering. It was set to be a memorable occasion – and what a night it was!"

Debbie Grimshaw

Brother UK

" November 2013 I went along to my first MPAN event and from then on my PA career has been enhanced so connections, business contacts, venues, sharing of knowledge and most of all some fabulous friends who every day face the same challenges on their desks as myself.  What a fabulous job you all do and where would we be without MPAN".

Courtney Green

Brother UK

"Being an introvert it was a challenge for me to push out of my comfort zone and attend networking events but with the warm and friendly welcome from Manchester PA Network members, I have a new-found confidence in myself and I am very proud of how far I have come.  


This change in my confidence is positively recorded in my ongoing apprenticeship assessments so I am extremely grateful for the opportunities and support the network has given me.  I truly feel like a different person!"

Fiona Hardman

Guenther Bakeries UK

"As a lone PA the support from the MCR PA Network has been simply amazing. There is always someone who’ll listen, advise and lift you up. I have gained so much confidence from attending the events and I have met wonderful, supportive people who help each other in any way they can".

Emma Glyn-Jones

FT Leisure

"When I first joined I was at a very low point personally and career wise but the network changed all of this for me.


Each event I attend I meet more and more lovely people who were so encouraging and inspiring (very daunting for me at first, I was so introverted believe it or not!) but over time I gained confidence and a voice. The network have given me a new lease of life within myself and with my career development. It’s not just a network, it’s become a family. When someone does well, we all applaud, when someone is down or needs help, we all rally round. Being the only PA in a company can be a bit isolating at times but just an email asking for advice and being able to reach out to the network for help is invaluable.


Thank you, thank you. I can’t say it enough. I just look at where I am now and the network has done that".

Sam Johnson

SAS Engineering Services

"Manchester PA Network buddy up new members to make their first event a little easier.  I have been made to feel very welcome from the very first contact with MPAN".

Lorna Cowan

Belfast PA Network

What a great idea!


Love that the Manchester PA Awards is recognising other PA networks. 


So important to support and encourage other regions!


The Belfast PAs really look up to the Manchester PA Network (and other networks!) #inspiration #goals

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